Monday, February 21, 2011

Almost the end of week one

And we have survived! And there is still money in the bank account! We still have one week in the PP to go, but it is a respectable sum we are sitting on, will buy us the week's groceries, and even if we should have to, say, buy two new tires for the car, not touch the money we managed to put into savings this go around.

The grocery money lasted exactly as long as it was supposed to. I was hoping to have a good amount of change left over at the end of the week, but not this time. I have a dollar and some change left. In the spirit of improving the system for the future, I would try to chisel out some real time where I look at what is really needed and make my shopping lists from there. I'm not sure the one shopping trip a week is highly practical for me at this time. I have one grocery store where I get my prescriptions filled, but there's another grocery store close to my house (that's actually often cheaper) where I tend to do a midweek soda run. I like to do my big grocery shopping run at Target, but do occasionally find myself at Wal-Mart trying to stretch that last dollar.

The spending money was kind of a fiasco. But again, it's not like we didn't learn some things. We managed to escape the Payday Weekend with enough petty cash to sustain us for week one of the PP, but week two is going to take some juggling. Which can be managed. We have some goals we're saving for, but at this point in the semester, I'm willing to make allowances.

Henry turned one this week! A year ago he was a tiny thing at the hospital, mewling, but holding his head up. Today, he is a towheaded dynamo, almost ready for his first steps. His birthday present will be a pair of robeez style baby shoes, so that he can practice walking away from home, too.

Henry's birthday has also forced me to do some accounting of how the last year has gone by and what has been accomplished. Lots of good things have happened. Henry got born, Lily started reading chapter books, we successfully moved to Florida, Jeremy got a good job, and we have continually avoided financial ruin! But still, Jeremy needs to finish his dissertation and I need to go back to school. Those are the priority for this year and they kind of have to happen in that order. To further those goals, I will be applying to USF for undergrad admission next week. This is a big step for me and I don't know where it will lead. Will I be able to start at USF or will I have to do time at a community college to show I can be a good student, now? Can I be a good student? I think I have learned how to focus and do what needs to be done, and, at the very least, I no longer have the time to mess around missing class and whatnot.

More detailed breakdown of the actual process of the first week coming soon.

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