Thursday, March 3, 2011

What I like to read

Things I Read Daily

Andrew Sullivan - Definitely my main source for news. Keeps me up on politics and world events with special focus on beagles, gay issues, beards, and fiscal conservatism. I know we are going to have some disagreements eventually, but I enjoy his take on things immensely.

The Awl - My other news source. Their coverage of rap and basketball (two topics I would normally not read about) is both informative and entertaining. They cover the day's events with a focus on writing and books. They have recently conferred the title "Sheen Free Zone" upon themselves. Just to quote the most recent example, their exploration of misogyny vis a vis The Decemberists' oeuvre was something I would not have considered without their help. Scratches that intellectual elitist itch ironically. Very nice.

Savage Love Blog - Known sex columnist Dan Savage has recently received accolades for his "It Gets Better" campaign targeting young homosexuals. He answers a letter a day, in addition to his weekly column, and his take is refreshing. I have definitely expanded my definition of "normal" after reading him for awhile.

Splitsider - It's a comedy blog. They cover everything from "Check it out, Louis C.K. killed it on Conan last night!" to "The Lost Roles of Bill Murray" to "A Pretty Exhaustive Guide to Comedy Podcasts." A good look at they whys and hows of funny.

Ta Nehisi Coates - From oatmeal to Jane Austen and back again by way of Malcolm X and Civilization the Video Game, it's nice to read an unapologetic liberal.

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