Sunday, May 22, 2011


I ended up weaning Henry this weekend. It was something I had talked about doing for a long time, and only pulled the trigger yesterday. Henry is doing fine, maybe easier to upset, but still easy enough to distract and delight. The happy go lucky kid he has always been. So far the experience has not turned him into a sorry human being.
For me, it has involved a radical change in my approach to parenting. 90% of my responses to Henry involved me baring a breast. Now I have to figure out what it is that he needs and respond in kind. Which is fine. I'm a mom, I get that this is what I signed up for. It's just a complete 180 to my previous parenting. And let me say again, that very little real planning went into this process. I just decided yesterday that we were done breastfeeding. Henry is 15 months old and I need my life back.
Jeremy really stepped up to the plate on this one. He kept Henry all night repeatedly getting him (boob free) back to sleep. In terms of home economics, Jeremy is enjoying a boom cycle.
Breastfeeding was wonderful. I actually took time to have a final feeding and acknowledge that this was it. That helped a lot. Taking a moment to acknowledge the ritual.
My boobs are full of milk and sore. Tylenol helps. So does a slightly large sports bra. Apparently sage tea will help a lot with the drying of the milk, but it tastes really bad. If you are thinking of weaning, I would recommend taking the saner cut down one feeding every so often approach, rather than the I lost my mind one day and stopped breastfeeding. But it is get overable. For all of us.

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