Wednesday, November 9, 2016

So here we are. Hillary lost. President Trump. Where do we go from here? I decided to start with what is right next to me. Dinner was simple, budget bytes Matzo Ball Soup minus the chicken, a throw back to Lily's vegetarian phase. We spent the morning doing basic housekeeping tasks, paperwork and phone calls and forms that needed to be done. I reached out to my liberal girl friends, seeing how everybody was. I called my mom and let her talk to the twins (I have twins now, Henry is six, sometimes I don't blog. See, previous, re: twins). I read the blogs of people I trust and got some good advice. 1. Your shock at the extent of the racism in the country is a marker of your insulation from that racism. Check with a person of color. They are not as shocked as you. 2. We are all the same movement now. We can litigate out the differences between us later. 3. I am not here for your "Bernie would have won" bullshit. I am sorry your feelings were hurt, but this is important. I was as much a Berner as anybody. Honest. Not just saying that. The bumper sticker is still on my car (with my AL plates, yeah, I'm hardcore). But I don't know what we are accomplishing with this holier than thou stuff. It's not getting us free college or less prison or anything, but your sense of entitlement. Okay, so I do have some anger.

Tomorrow I am going to do some more administrative tasks and work on kindness like I have a recital coming up. And potty training. And planning for dinner and drinking too much diet soda and checking the internet to see what time the revolution starts. And maybe some more blogging.

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